Entry #2

Etsy Shop for Original Sculptures and Art

2016-01-26 23:39:46 by GoggleKid

Hey there, when i'm not animating and working on music, I also make a bunch of other art!

Paintings, Drawings, Custom Toy Sculptures, and so on...

So ive opened up an etsy account, to sell you cool shit i've made like this

5272320_145386887451_IMG_3020.png 5272320_145386895493_n.jpg5272320_145386900513_1451773013.jpg5272320_145386904131_1453779279.jpg5272320_145386906593_1450339216.jpg5272320_145386909673_1445305883.jpg

(some examples shown from my instagram @gogglekid)


Even if you arent interested in buying anything I would really appreciate it if youd check it out!


Feedback is also appreciated.

In animation news, I am currently working on episode 2 of Disaster League and some collab entries.





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2016-01-27 11:08:53

Coo :D


2016-01-28 06:05:23

Very nice, dude!
I like it! Your style and stuff...



2016-01-29 09:50:01

good, good!